| considering the interactive dynamics of place and human movement in designed environments

Perspectives On Bailey Plaza (2012)

Perspectives on Bailey Plaza features abstracted and magnified pedestrian movements observed on Bailey Plaza. Performed by 12 dancers, the modified movements highlight the designed plaza as a theater space. Both the dance and choreographic process invite audiences to engage with designed space in new ways.

Bailey Plaza design by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

Audience members’ responses:

“Thank you for taking something as mundane as walking across a space and transforming it into something so joyful, so celebratory, and so moving.  Also love the idea of you watching hours of footage looking for beauty!"

"It was so different from everything else. Dance is separate but this was a melding of the two."

"Use of space was great. You used everything!"

"Interesting, never thought of walking as having a 3rd abstraction. Makes me think about my movement."

"It made the space come alive! I loved the surrounding experience!

"The best thing to happen yet in Bailey Plaza. Loved this."

"Loved the use of the space - and the flashes of life on the plaza. Great costumes too!"

"I've never seen a performance in Bailey that uses the entire space so well! It was a wonderful dance and show!"