| considering the interactive dynamics of place and human movement in designed environments

Goremade Pizza Patio (2017)

Goremade is an artisanal pizza restaurant located in Columbus’s Italian Village. Here, my roles included designer, construction/project manager, choreographer, and artistic director. The pizza patio site is 1500sf all of which began as uneven turf grass. My task was to pull together a swing, a "door to no-where," a utility gate, and a wooden fence hung with vintage ceiling tiles.

The design found cohesion around a Fibonacci spiral and a sail. Design was the first fraction of the project. Then came demolition, which included the removal of tons of soil and the arrival of tons of brick palettes. Myself and a crew of volunteer dancer-friends laid over 6700 bricks to cover the space in the spiral design. Our dance of heavy physical labor wrote itself into our muscles over three months.

To celebrate building completion, I orchestrated two Grand Openings where the patio served as the stage for dance and musical entertainment. The owner, Nick Gore, sold out of his delicious, artisanal pizzas both evenings.